Car, Equipment and Asset Finance

Working with you to consider your financing options and helping you find a competitive asset finance rate

Do you need a car or equipment?  Will it be better for you to buy or lease?  What type of finance options are available?

Whether you’re a consultant who needs new equipment, a small business owner who requires machinery to grow, or you’re a tradesman who wants to upgrade your ute …  Aluka Finance is a credit representative of Finsure with a panel of more than 75 lenders. Whatever asset you want to acquire, Aluka Finance can help you find the most suitable finance to match your needs.

Asset finance enables you to get the assets you need without having to pay the full cost upfront.  It could also work the other way, allowing you to release cash from assets that you already own.

What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance enables you to purchase or lease the assets you need to run your business, or in some cases you may obtain asset finance for a personal asset like a vehicle.

There are several asset finance options. Aluka Finance can work with you to consider your financing options, and help you find a competitive asset finance rate.

Hire Purchase

The customer pays regular instalments to hire and use an asset until the final payment when the title of the asset transfers to the customer.

Chattel Mortgage

With this type of loan, the customer gets to own the asset from the outset and the lender uses the asset as security for the loan. Repayments can be structured to fit within your business’ cash flow.

Finance Lease

The finance provider buys the asset, usually a vehicle, and rents it to the customer who has a purchase option at the end of the lease. The lessor retains ownership, but the lessee has exclusive use.

Novated Lease

If you’re employed, you may want to include an asset in your salary package. With a novated lease, the finance provider owns the asset while the customer and their employer have an agreement to share the loan responsibility.

When to seek asset finance


To purchase state-of-the-art machinery or equipment for your business.

Electric Vehicle

To upgrade to an environmentally-friendly electric vehicle.

Working Capital

To secure funds to help take your business to the next level.